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This is in-depth training will certify your as a Plant Synergy Therapist and you can start working one-on-one with clients as soon as you complete the certification. This technique can be used on its own or with your existing energy healing practice. This course includes :

  • 4-hour hands-on training at the Inner Guide Center (Fairfax, VA)

  • Online content that allows you to review the training

  • Learn four techniques of the Plant Synergy Method (self-treatment, full-body session, technique for the hands and for the feet)

  • Essential oil kit for the Plant Synergy Method (8 bottles of 15 ml + Coconut Oil of 115 ml) (value of $333.00)

  • Access to a workbook that contains plant synergy protocols for various conditions and intentions

  • A private community specific to Plant Synergy Therapy

  • Ongoing support by Plant Synergy Teacher and Energy Medicine Professional

  • Learn how to work one-on-one with clients using the plant synergy method. Not only will you learn how to use essential oils in your practice, but you will also learn the science behind it and its connection to energy healing.

Space is limited

We keep our classes small so you can benefit more from the teachings!

Energy Medicine Instructor

Isabel Churchill

Holistic and Energy Medicine Professional

Isabel is trained and have years of experience in the health and wellness field to better assist you on your journey to well-being. As a licensed psychotherapist, an hypnotherapist, and a holistic health coach, she is equipped to help you understand the mental blockage that can stop you from moving forward. With her years of experience as a personal trainer, dance & group fitness teacher, she learned the importance of moving the body. She can assist you in making a connection between the mind and the physical body to improve your health. Isabel's approach to wellness is completed by her training in energy medicine. She is now a successful Medical Intuitive Practitioner, Reiki Master Teacher, and also certified in Beyond Quantum Healing.


  • I've always wanted to open my energy healing business, will this certification get me there?

    Yes! This certification is for you. You will learn a full protocol that you can do on its own or add to your energy healing practice. No previous experience or certification is required. We will also support you in developing the business of Plant Synergy Therapy.

  • Who is this certification for exactly?

    This certification is for you if... You want to start exploring holistic methods, You want to expand your energy healing business, You would like to add energy medicine techniques in your practice, or maybe you just love essential oils and want to dive deeper with methods that can support health and wellness! You will learn a full protocol that you can do on its own or add to your energy healing practice. No previous experience or certification is required.

  • When will I get the Plant Synergy Therapy Essential Oil kit?

    Since we have to order every kit, it can take around 7-10 business days to receive it once you have purchase the class.

  • What is the cancellation or refund policy?

    Since space is limited and cancelling your attendance have a big impact on our course, we can only refund you if we are able to sell your seat. Otherwise, we operate on a no refund policy.

  • What is the exact location of the hands-on training?

    We are located at 9667 Main Street, Suite B, Fairfax, Virginia 22031

  • Will the certification be offered at other dates?

    Yes, to stay informed of our future dates, make sure to add you email to the distribution list below.

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